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Child and Family Law



Due to various reasons a contact arrangement between a parent and child often breaks down. It is at this point that you require legal advice to ensure that this contact is reinstated as quickly as possible.

This can often be achieved without the need to proceed to Court but if it is clear that a Court Action is necessary then we will ensure that this is raised as expeditiously as possible. We understand how difficult it is for you to have any disruption to your contact.



Where a child resides, being it with a parent, family member or other third party often requires to be decided by the Court. We have extensive experience in raising residence actions to secure a child’s place of residence with you.

It is very common that a grandparent wishes to secure a grandchild’s residence with them, due to a child’s parent not being able to provide the child with the desired care.
Many grandparents are kinship carers but would want the additional security of a Court Order to ensure the status quo remains. Please contact us for advice if you are in this situation.



If a child is removed from your care without your consent and this removal is detrimental to their welfare, then the Court can intervene by granting an order delivering the child back to your care.

This is an emergency order and we are ready to assist you if you ever find yourself in such a situation.


Interdict Against Removal

The Court can grant an order ensuring that a child is not removed from your care pending the Court determining upon the issue of residence and contact.

If you are concerned, that for example, your child’s other parent may seek to remove your child then contact us for advice regarding this type of emergency order.


Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Every mother has Parental Rights and Responsibilities in respect of their child. Every father who is named on the birth certificate of their child after the 4 th May 2006, or is
married to the mother when the child is conceived or at any point thereafter, holds Parental Rights and Responsibilities.

These Parental Rights and Responsibilities give parents equal rights and responsibilities to make decisions regarding the child’s welfare, education, health and all aspects of their lives. These Parental Rights and Responsibilities can be sought through the Court and can also be removed by the

A non-parent can obtain Parental Rights and Responsibilities for a child in their care, for example, a grandparent. If you want advice about Parental Rights and
Responsibilities, then please contact us.



If you are in the process of separating or have separated and consider that you may have a claim against your former cohabitee, then it is imperative that you obtain immediate legal advice.

You can only claim in certain circumstances and specific timescales apply. You need the correct advice to make sure you do not miss out.


Divorce and Financial Provision

We are experienced in resolving all financial matters for you either by pre-litigation correspondence or by raising Court proceedings.

We can advise you fully on the correct grounds for your divorce and the timescales that apply and what financially
you are entitled to.