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Protection Orders



An Interdict is an order that you can obtain from the court to protect you from a pattern of abusive behaviour. This abuse can be in any form, for example, verbal, text message or via social media etc.

The court can grant an Interdict preventing an individual from persisting upon their abusive conduct towards you, in whatever form. The order can also prevent an individual from coming within a certain distance of your home.

An Interdict can be sought against any individual who is displaying this behaviour towards you.


Power of Arrest

If an Interdict does not desist an individual from being abusive towards you, then you can apply to your local Sheriff Court for a Power of Arrest to be attached to the Interdict.

This is attached for a certain period of time, usually six months or one year. This gives the police the power to arrest the individual if they breach this order.


Exclusion Order

An Exclusion Order is an order that you can obtain to suspend the rights of your spouse, cohabitee or civil partner to live in the family home.

The basis for the order being granted would be that them remaining in the family home is having a detrimental impact upon you or your children either physically or
mentally or both.